Monday, November 3, 2008

The Hunting Season So Far

On Saturday October 25th, the first pheasant was shot over Eddie. Rob saw the bird at the same time as Eddie. The bird ran down the edge of the field with Eddie giving chase. The bird ducked into the tall grass with the pup on his heels. Unfortunately there was no opportunity for a point as the bird flushed in seconds. Eddie watched as the bird flew right to left in front of the hunters. One shot and the bird tumbled. It took Eddie a minute to realize what happened, but he soon winded it and ran over to inspect the bird. He tried in vain to pick it up and eventually was content to pick it up by the wing. He was nearly back to Rob with the bird when it hit him - hey, I have the bird and he doesn't. Time for a little game of keep away. Looks like retrieving exercises with birds are in order.
During the same hunt Eddie started to quarter nicely and tended to range 40 yards or less. His search is improving every time out.
At one point during the afternoon Rob was walking thru some brushy areas on the fenceline between two fields. Two hunters were to Rob's left in the field and Sam was on his dad's immediate left in the brush. Suddenly one of the guys yelled "Holy sh*t, your dog is locked up on an awesome point". The next words heard were "Oh man, it's a dead turkey". Well at least we know he can point. Although Rob never saw it, all acounts were that it was a stylish point worthy of praise.
On Sunday, November 2, the guys shot a few ducks. Eddie stayed home because he cut a pad while hunting grouse on Friday in Oconto County. No birds were flushed during that hunt but Eddie searched well, maintaining a 30 yard range at most times. Eddie hunts very well in the woods and if Rob can ever put him on some birds Eddie looks to have some promise in the grouse woods. His search seems to be better in the woods as he tends to slow down a bit and be more thorough. He also seems to quarter more naturally in the woods.
Eddie has hunted ducks a few times this year and knows what it means to "watch 'em" He sits on the porch at home and watches the geese fly over every morning and evening as they go out to the fields to feed outside of town. He has learned how to follow their flight by the sound and also by watching them thru the trees. This may come in handy if we ever get to Arkansas or Louisiana on a flooded timber hunt. Eddie also only had to be told once to leave the decoys alone. He now simply swims around as we put the decoys out.
As the duck season started I was concerned about his lack of swimming practice until one day I walked in the water and turned to see him cruising around right behind me. I called Tom and said "You're not going to believe this, but Eddie swims like crazy". Tom's answer was "Of course, he's been swimming since he was a little pup. I took the pups down to the pond and in the creek since they were weeks old. They know how to swim". OK, lesson learned - write down and ask all possible questions for the breeder before you pick up the pup.
Eddie is turning into a beautiful dog. You can see by the latest photos that he has a majestic and inquisitive look to his head. I am now more convinced than ever that he will turn out to be a special dog - as long as his master doesn't screw him up. Hopefully the next few weeks will be filled with new challenges, lots of birds and unforgetable accomplishments. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Opening Day

It is opening day of Duck Hunting. Poor Eddie had to stay home. He got to go hunting in his yard though. After a walk he went running around the house and snatched up a poor little bird. He was as successful as the guys. They each got 1 bird on opening day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

End of the 2nd Week

Eddie is rapidly learning the do's and don't's of the house. He has only had a couple of accidents in the first two weeks and they were attributed to dad's not paying attention at all times. Eddie is retrieving to hand and realizes that he has to deliver to hand before he is rewarded. He is turning into a retrieving machine! Eddie has little tantrums when he thinks he is being treated unfairly or too harsh. He will nip to show his displeasure. A combination of a gentler hand and a little dominance reinforcement on the muzzle are seeming to gain his understanding. Eddie's command of the german language is impressive. He knows "sitz", "komm", and "aus" Next in line are "platz" and "foos". We are all amazed at how intelligent Eddie is and how fast he learns when the teacher uses an effective way of delivering the message. One thing we surely know about Munsterlander's - they respond best to teaching and not good at all to forced training. Probably a testament to their keen intelligence! What a pup. He's our baby - who looks to be destined for some awesome days in the field! He'll make his mutter, fader, Tom and Deb proud to be a Foxtal Kennel Pupster!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Vet

I went to the Vet on Monday. I was really good. The doctor couldn't believe how good I was when he gave me my shot. I came home with some medicine. I am a very good patient. I weigh about 25 pounds. I will probably double in size. I love being outdoors and exploring. I really like going through the bushes.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My First Week

I am getting used to my new home. I really like my family. I don't like it when they leave me alone. I really like playing with my family and friends.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eddie loves meeting new people and other doggies. Sadie came over today and she didn't know what to do. Eddie was a little too excited. Roxy brought him the perfect toy. It is a stuffed pheasant that squeaks. He loves it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Meeting the kids

Eddie had lots of visitors today. He got to meet Rudy, Nicole, Hope, Quinn, Owen, and Isaac.